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2018-09-14 21:50:35
When you don't hire the right Real Estate Agent

When buying or selling your home, you need the attention and assistance a professional Real Estate Agent can provide. After all, buying a home is one of the biggest investments you make in your life.

But you don't need just any real estate agent. It's important to find the 'right' one.

Getting a license is so easy nowadays that you want to make sure you're hiring an agent with the experience and drive to ensure your success.

What issues can you experience if you don't have the right agent on your team?



It's important to find a real estate agent that sits down with you and actually listens to your needs.

What type of home do you want? Where do you want to live? Does the commute to school or work have to be a certain distance? Etc.

Working with an agent that doesn't take the time to listen to your real estate needs will end up wasting your time and sending you homes to look at that don't match your needs.

Hire an agent that wants to get to know you, your needs and wants to help you achieve your goal of buying your dream home

The right agent will also educate you, so that you understand each phase of the process and are clear about the next steps. The right agent will also remind you the goals you shared with he or she in your initial meeting at times when you are stressed out and can't remember your why



Choosing the wrong agent will not be your best bet when you find yourself in situations where you need solid advice. An agent that is experienced, knowledgeable, committed and has your best interests at heart will provide advice taking your goal, needs and all other elements of the transaction into considerations

Make sure you choose an agent that is able to provide appropriate advise and direction when push comes to shove. Do you need to walk? Is it to your advantage to negotiate a specific repair? 

From negotiations, to repairs, ensure you choose a trusted advisor that can guide you on the right path.



A great agent will negotiate on your behalf and get an amazing deal. This does not necessarily mean you get everything you want, but the things that really matter will be addressed.

I had a client once that wanted every repair that was written on the inspection report done on the home they really wanted to purchase; even minor ones. The seller in turn did not want to do anything, even major things.

My advice to them was to focus on the big picture: Where they willing to lose their home because of a cosmetic repair that could have been fixed easily by the husband after closing for less than $15? After negotiating, the seller agreed to replace the roof and the AC condenser. So I asked them if the small items really mattered that much in the great scheme of things.

Of course, they came to their senses and agreed to move forward with the major repairs we negotiated. They closed on their home and are very happy!  

The 'wrong' agent won't bother to negotiate anything or will focus on the wrong items ad 'trying to win'. That could cost you your dream home. Win/Win is best! 

A great agent will negotiate on your behalf and educate you about what's really important during the negotiation stages in an effective, professional way, always an advisor that helps you figure out the best route to ensure you get the right home.



A great agent has an active schedule that allows you to get in touch with them, or a member of their team, within a reasonable time frame.

The 'wrong' agent will be hard to get a hold of, won't answer the phone or return your calls.

You will be better served by an agent with dedicated business hours that allows you to be able to reach them at anytime during those hours, and is available to return your calls in a timely manner. They will not disappear for days. 

This is particularly important whenever there is a deadline and when something needs immediate attention. If your agent is nowhere to be found at these times, you risk losing the deal.



The 'wrong' agent can be unethical, not care about your needs or simply not have knowledge about the standard procedures and legalities within the industry that agents need to adhere to and follow through on.

As a professional, in an industry with many regulations, it's your agent's job to know how to protect you throughout the sales process.

A great agent will provide the necessary information and guidance to ensure you make informed decisions and guides you every step of the way. 



Buying a home is an important milestone in a person's life.

If you're buying your first home, or purchasing your dream home, you don't want the experience to be traumatic.

A great agent will be able to navigate the bumps that may come up within the sales process in an experienced and professional manner.

The 'wrong' agent will create a mess, they will not guide you to find the right home, and you may end up with a home you don't care for or one with too many issues.

Find a great agent who cares about you and knows the process and is committed to providing you a superior experience and prepares you for situations that may cause delays.

When situations arise where neither party is at fault, an experienced agent will guide you seamlessly through them without anything to worry about. 

Your right agent will help you find the right home.

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